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Behind the Scenes

According to the 2006 U.S. Census Bureau, African Americans are the second largest minority group, totaling 40.2 million. However, African Americans fare far worst in many areas of American society than many other ethnic groups. While Grandmothers Who Help, does not proclaim to have the answer to resolve this problem. We believe that at the very moment a child is exposed to their own history, a world of possibilities presents itself. It is the knowledge of one’s past that paves the way for one’s future.

That very concept and grandmothers’ desire to increase her grandchildren’s exposure to African American history, gave birth to Grandmothers Who Help (GWH). Founded over twenty years ago as a nonprofit 501 c(3) organization . Our mission has been to promote cultural understanding and awareness of the historical contributions made by African American people to these United States. We have combined an old African tradition of the storyteller with the concept of a modern museum to create a traveling exhibit consisting of more than 200 pictures, books, and artifacts. Throughout the years we have reached over 50,000 children ranging between grades K-12, college and adults throughout Northern and Southern California region. Our exhibit has been featured in newspapers and GWH has been invited to conduct presentations in public libraries, universities, medical centers and local festivals throughout California.

Our vision for 2020 is to raise the bar in regard to the number of children we are able to reach and the manner in which we reach them. It is therefore essential that we raise the funds needed to update our exhibit, develop innovative programs and continue to add performers.

Our supporters say: “This multi-media exhibit is an innovative display that encourages appreciation and pride”. Our success has come from our ability to develop an interactive, educational and entertaining approach to exploring the African American culture. Our exhibit is unique in the fact that it does not solely focus on one specific area of African American history, therefore allowing us the creative freedom to develop programs that display a range in periods of time and subject matter.

To create a platform where both African American history and emerging technologies are used to inspire, educate and prepare African American youth and youth from other cultures  for the 21st centuries competitive environment.

Vision Statement 

Grandmothers Who Help build upon the legacies of the triumphs and accomplishments of African American people, both past and present to inspire, encourage and educate and transform the presence of prejudice and racial divide into a promise of unity and hope.



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