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In 1993, Asale set out to change the lack of adequate Black History programs in public schools.  Early on, she realized that a part of the problem was the absence of resources in which the schools could utilize. So she created a non-profit organization called, “Grandmothers Who Help (GWH)”. This organization has managed to build an enormous exhibit that contains over 200 pictures, children and adult books, artifacts and multi-media. Over the span of eighteen years, GWH has enriched Black History Month for students in over a hundred elementary, middle and high schools throughout the Bay Area. Unexpectedly, the popularity of Asale’s exhibit grew quickly and began to expand outside the barriers of the schools into other areas. Invitations began to flow in from libraries, churches, universities, Black History expo’s, hospitals, multi-cultural events, city sponsored events and Juneteenth celebrations. “A woman with a mission”, they called her. Asale gladly excepts the title.

Over the years, Asale has constantly strived to upgrade her exhibit with new books, more photos and different artifacts. It is the main reason the exhibit now extends several feet long. The pictures of the exhibit display photos of those who have made the history of African Americans so rich. Included with each picture is their individual historic information and quotes. Asale believes by providing pictures and information of notable people, gives only a small part of the story. So, it has been her intent to present a complete learning experience ranging from scientist to historians, inventors to athletes, entrepreneurs to artists, politicians and cowboys. Proving to be very talented, In recent years, She has included the addition of audio and video components to the exhibit. This has allowed Asale to provide her audience with the opportunity to see what actual African artifacts look and feel like, as well as how a famous historian sounds. GWH will be working with dancers and other storytellers who will bring along their talents to enhance the whole learning experience.


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