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Grandmothers Who Help is determined not only to use black history as lessons of the past, but also as a resource to connect to the future. Our presentations are created to bring life to the black experience. We believe that history is the study of humanity and by using specific historical events, within different periods of time and amongst a variety of themes or famous figures. We are able to tell stories that reveal the accomplishments, contributions and culture of African American people. Historical facts from antiquity to present times designed to work within the classroom, at a school event, as a part of a community forum, public library and even within the corporate community.  
Each presentation combines the old African tradition of the storyteller with the concept of a modern museum to create a presentation consisting of more than 200 pictures, books, and artifacts. Throughout the years we have reached over 50,000 children ranging between grades K-12, college and adults throughout Northern and Southern California region.
It is not enough to simply teach the facts. We want the experience of our presentations to be both engaging and interactive to encourage pride and self-determination, as well as build bridges of understanding and awareness amongst youth today.
Through this time of the pandemic, we have adapted our presentation to be brought to you virtually…learning must never stop.
Learn how you can help support our work towards building a better tomorrow…here

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