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Teaching Black History in the 21st Century

Reinforcing our Commitment

The 21st Century has brought about many advancements in the areas of science and technology. Just as we understand the importance of remembering our past, GWH believes that we should never stop looking towards the future. We recognize that a child who is exposed to a quality STEM education, is a young adult better prepared to succeed amongst the challenges of a competitive environment.
Yet, many African American youth come from low-income families with limited to no access to academic resources that will help them succeed.  It is for that reason that we created a community program called “Code Your Botz”, where youth are exposed to elements of science, technology, engineering and math. During Covid-19, we offering opportunities to learn STEM through a series of online opportunities and virtual field trips to museums and facilities that focus of technology.
Knowledge is power and a quality education can be the key to opening many doors. Learn how you can help us reach our goals

High Fives

Distance Learning

Star Chart

At The Kitchen Table Science Project – by GWH

Daylight Star Chart

Does African American history reach all the way to the stars? Yes! And, in recognition of Benjamin Banneker and his accomplishments, GWH invites all parents to enjoy this STEM + History motivated

“At the Kitchen Table Science Project” with your child.

Please visit our website contact page 

or e-mail with any questions to sign up for the Kitchen Table Science Project.

At The Kitchen Table Science Project – by GWH

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