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  • Asale Kimaada

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples

A Tribute To Indigenous Peoples- Marking the 1969-1971 occupation of Alcatraz,

San Francisco by the Indians of All Tribes.

The (IITC) International Indian Treaty Council, organize the Annual Indigenous Sunrise Ceremony October 11, 2020, and November 25th each year.

(November 2021 not yet confirmed -

March 8,1964

members of the Sioux Club symbolically claimed Alcatraz for Native People by pounding stakes into land using the “precedence” – Lewis & Clark 1800s and the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie, “abandon federal lands revert to tribal ownership” to support their claim. They filed a legal claim for the land. In 1969 the group called Indians of all tribes organized to reclaim Alcatraz by right of discovery. Native people from all over the continent supported this movement. Many Indigenous Activist stayed on the island for over a year. June 1971 orders from President Nixon forced them to evacuate. Among demands met California Davis was the first, U.S. University to offer a Doctorate in Native American Studies.

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