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  • Asale Kimaada

Teaching Black History In The 21st Century Thru Distance Learning!

Due To Social Distancing, Parents were eager to set up Kitchen Table" Science Projects like those from last years "Code Your Botz" Science and Craft segments. Our goal is to engage children in fun S.T.E.M.H. activities while helping to keep them from falling behind in school because of school closures.

Fun Fact: Percy Lavon

A steroid chemist and an entrepreneur, Percy Julian ingeniously figured out how to synthesize important medicinal compounds from abundant plant sources, making them more affordable to mass-produce.

Grandmothers Who Help Summer Fun

Dispite COVID -19 Grandmothers who Help, Parents and Friends were busy motovating our young people in Technology by provide Enrichment Classes during the summer. As we prepare for our Third Series of "Teaching Black History In the 21st Century",this Year will be our first virtual S.T.E.M.H. Distance Learning Event. We combine Black History and S.T.E.M. through at home "Craft Projects". Vist our web-site

Leave your name, email address & childrens ages, if you would like to receive information about this up-coming event.

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